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Wall Hanging

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Art Wall Cynthia Decker'The
Wizard of Oz Dorothy's The Yellow Brick Road' gallery-wrapped
canvas, 26 by 48-Inch - Artist: Cynthia Decker
Title: The Yellow Brick Road
Style: Contemporary, Subject: Contemporary
Dimensions: 26x48
100-Percent Made in the USA; Tri-brad 3D frames by Kristopher
Patent Pending - Art Wall Cynthia Decker 'The Yellow Brick Road'
gallery-wrapped canvas is a beautiful example of 3D digital art
depicting The Wizard of Oz encapsulated in a shelf space. An
imaginative addition to your home or office. In discussing her
evolution as an artist, Cynthia Decker relates: "A s a child, I would
draw and paint at any opportunity. My Mother taught computer
science at a local college and we had a computer in the house when
not very many people had home computers. With a computer
instructor for a mom and an engineer for a dad, my earliest art
materials were green and white perforated computer paper and I
used to doodle on used punch cards. I began drawing on the
computer —pixel by pixel in green and black monochrome— on an
Apple II computer when I was about 13. Throughout high school and
college I studied and practiced drawing and design and as the
technology became available to me I started digital painting, while
continuing to work in traditional media; pastels, acrylics and oils. I
left college to begin a graphic design career and continued to teach
myself and explore new digital media. I began using 3D software in
1998 and was immediately hooked. Initially, my portfolio was
exclusively online and I participated in many web-based galleries.
People began requesting prints through my website and after doing
research into fine art printing, I began creating and selling high
resolution archival prints of my work in 2002. That same year I had
my first solo show and I believe it was the first show of
non-photographic digital work in North Carolina. I believe the digital
medium is finding its place in the art world and that artists should
use, value and enjoy all available means of creative expression. I
hope that artists and art lovers everywhere continue to push the
boundaries of what constitutes a fine art medium.

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